ONLY for Community Members: Join the free accent training class tomorrow.

Hey Daring Learners,

I have great news! I am partnering with 21 Accents, founded by Amy Walker, to offer members of my community professional accent training!

We're doing a free accent training class tonight.

Everyone from my community is invited.

Even if you cancelled your membership long ago, log in to your account and RSVP here.

The members of the Community of Practice will have exclusive access to Amy Walker's American Accent Training course.

Tune in to watch:
Dec 11, 2023 at 7pm GMT +3.
The coach will be working with a small group of community members who want to receive personal feedback on their accent and pronunciation.
You're invited to come check out tomorrow's class. You can shadow the students and try the same exercises (while on mute). Practice and learn from others in the group, and maybe you'll realize this is just what you need to get better at pronouncing your vowels with an American English accent.

If you decide you want to be one of the students receiving personal feedback from our professional accent couches, you have the chance to join next time.

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