Jan 1, 2024
FREE Creative Writing Practice.

Step into the New Year with the unwavering devotion
to self-mastery.

Hey Daring Learners,

I'm starting Day 1 of 2024 with a writing practice, and I'm inviting you to join me.

The Creative Writing Class is FREE. Everyone is welcome.

If you haven't had the time to reflect on 2023 and its lessons or figure out what the FOCUS of your practice should be in 2024, let's do this together tomorrow.

It's been a very busy end of the year for me, and so many things are still not done.

I reckon many of you might be in a similar situation: you think you have no time to sit down and write in your journal because it's going to take time... and you don't have the time. Moreover, you have no idea how long it's gonna take and if the outcome is going to be worth it.

Let me help here.

Creative writing in a group is always easier than doing it alone. Did you know that many writers get together weekly on Zoom, and all they do is start the timer for two hours and write. They don't talk. They don't chat. They write in each other's company while everyone's on mute. They write during those two hours because otherwise they'd be doing something else. The group holds them accountable.

Let's do something similar for each other. I know that many of you would never do a creative writing exercise on Jan 1 without guidance.

I can guide you. And I need this writing exercise myself. I'd do it anyway. So, it's a win-win.

Jan 1, 2024
10 am CET

Bring a pen!
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What will change in 2024?

Unfortunately, the prices will change.

The community membership prices will go up to $49 (Daring Learner) and $69 (Daring Learner +) on Jan 2, 2024.

If you want to get the lower price, apply before Jan 2, 2024.
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Happy New Year to you all!

2024 is going to be great because you're awesome!????

Thank you for being with me throughout 2023.
Thank you for your dedication, insights, and the magic of our exchange in the community!

If there's something you want badly, do yourself a favor and ACTUALLY do it in 2024. I know you can make it work. You know it too.

That's why we're starting Day 1 of 2024 with practice.

Be ahead of the game.
Don't lose time.

Time is the one of those resources you can't replenish. Use it wisely.

See you tomorrow,

© Copyright 2023 Natalia Tokar
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