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Hey Daring Learners,

I want more people to practice correctly and get their power back. We give too much power away to "experts" who might be good at selling on social media but terrible at teaching.

The world is changing fast, and we all need to stay competitive and ahead of the game.

To stay competitive, you need to learn new skills fast or perform at an elite level. You also need to speak English at a level where you feel no barriers or limitations.

No online course in the world can give you that. Only your own dedication, discipline, and faith can get you there.

Do the exercises that develop your meta-skills. Change one thing that will change many things.

This ONE thing is your meta-skills: attentiveness, focus, self-reflection, the ability to connect the dots, critical thinking, imagination, self-regulation, managing your inner state, asking the right questions, and many more...

Don't do the exercises that keep you at the level of a diligent student. Do the creative exercises that will take you to the level of a curious, daring learner.

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