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The doors for the public closed on Oct 7, 2023.

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Join now and explore the world of practice routines. You don't need another online course ABOUT English. You need regular practice IN English with professional feedback.

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Sunday Practice

Every Sunday at 11:00 GMT +3.
Practice clarity in spontaneous conversations, self-correct your unconscious speaking patterns, and improve your grammar with individual feedback. Every meeting is an exercise.

Replays are instantly available.

The replays of the previous Sunday Practice Sessions include:

  • The rhythm of English.
  • The English Tenses. A new map.
  • How to summarize a video
  • Job interview practice: What's your weakness?
  • Job interview practice: Tell me about yourself
  • Intensive Listening and how to do it
  • Internalize good vocabulary: The exercise
  • The exercises you can do on a bad day (will take 15 min)
  • etc....

Creative Exercises

We have 159 exercises to help you work your way toward native-like fluency in English. Each of them focuses on a specific skill.
Now you can save your favorite exercises and do them later.

#Under15min Exercises

Add certainty to your practice with short, yet focused exercises. It is possible to spend as little as 15 min a day and see improvement, as long as you know what you're doing and what results you expect.

Individual Feedback

Imagine working with a TOP professional, but for a lot less money than what they would normally charge. This is the quality of feedback that you get in the community of practice. All your questions get answered. You will know exactly what to improve and how.

Practice Routines

Dozens of 2-week practice routines in the "Weekly Focused Practice" to help you focus and improve certain skills. These routines help you choose only one exercise per day, and choose the right one for you.

Weekly Pronunciation Classes with a Native-Speaking Coach

Join Monday classes with our American Pronunciation coach and improve your vowels, which will improve your overall pronunciation and enunciation. Watch the podcast episode with Dela
*only if you're on a Daring Learner + tier

50% off the SPRINTs!

Community Members get 50% off my short programs, which can help you improve your reading skills, practice the rhythm of English, write a resume in English, and develop clarity.

Grammar Calls

You will find the answers to all your grammar questions here, including the questions about the English articles! Watch the previous workshops on articles or tenses, and join future calls where we work with grammar books written FOR and BY native speakers.

Book Library

Enjoy hundreds of modern fiction and non-fiction books, as well as magazines and children's books. Download them, read them, and use them in your exercises.

Conscious, Metacognitive Learning

You will learn to become a better learner and consciously self-regulate your own learning process. When developed, these skills will be yours forever. You will never lose them. Instead, you will see that they can be easily applied to learning other skills.

Access to Workshop Archives

  • Creative Writing
  • The entire collection of self-correction tools
  • How to self-correct my speaking. Demonstration
  • How to self-edit my writing. Demonstration
  • How to organize a practice routine
  • The METHOD: how to get rid of stubborn mistakes and unconscious, unnoticed patterns.
  • etc...
Oh! And a totally new MAP to navigate the English tenses.
This a new, mind blowing approach to understanding the English tenses. It's simple, and it doesn't require memorizing any rules. Instead, it helps you SEE every situation.

  • Short videos instead of boring rules.
  • A navigation tool to get unstuck when you feel stuck when speaking or editing your texts.
  • Practical examples from real life, not from textbooks.
  • Individual feedback
  • Conditional sentences SIMPLified!
  • Simple language. Everyone will understand what the map says.

The map is still being updated.

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The offer stands until Oct 10, 2023.

Next time the doors will open in November, and the free trial will not be included.

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What's new in the community of practice
Exercise #155.
FOCUS: rhythm and the short o - /ɑ/. I need my Monster
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A mind map to navigate the English tenses
Sunday Practice from Sep 24, 2023
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The entire Job Interview Practice Routine
14 questions with sample answers (text and video).
Individual feedback to get you ready for a job interview

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