What is feedback and why do you need it? Watch an video example
Be deliberate about who you want feedback from

Hi Daring Learners,

I'd like to share an example of video feedback that I don't share on social media.

To learn any non-trivial skill, you need a deliberate practice routine and human, caring feedback. That's the formula.

However, you also need good learning strategies. I see again and again, that even the students who are well-equipped with the best exercises and tools, get demotivated by their own struggles:

  • Anxiety - They can't choose the best exercise. What if I choose the wrong one? Is this exercise really good for me? What if it doesn't work and I waste my time again?

  • Low energy - They are so overwhelmed with information that it's hard to prioritize. What do I do first? The decision is often to distract themselves with a completely different activity, i.e. skip their practice.

  • Unrealistic expectations - they don't expect focused work to take time. Instead of dividing the task into parts, they get upset that they can't get it done perfectly in one sitting. Look, you're not supposed to complete many tasks in one sitting! For example, I don't know anyone who can write a good resume in one sitting. Do you?
Use the video example that I am sharing with you today to check in with your expectations. The video is 18 minutes long.

  • Do you expect feedback to be that long?
  • Do you actually have the time to watch detailed feedback?
  • Are you ready to do a new iteration using the feedback? Do you understand that it will take time too?
  • How long do you want to spend doing one exercise and responding to feedback?

In my experience, learning alone takes you straight to stuckness. You can get only this far... To continue progressing, you need feedback and input from those who practice and do the same.

You can learn English grammar all day long...
You can watch Netflix every weekend ...
What matters is the result. If you're not progressing, then you're not consciously exposing yourself to new learning experiences, meaning you do the same thing that you already know how to do.

You know how to watch a Netflix show. But do you know how to learn from it?

You know how to ask a teacher to check your work. But do you know how to learn to give feedback to yourself when you're in sitting a meeting room, and not in a lesson?

That's why I created the community of practice. To learn to see things in a new way, you need practice and feedback. To be exact, you need a practice routine, which means you need a system of doing the same thing where you get a different result with each new iteration.

You need a place to practice. The community of practice is the place. You're not supposed to learn alone, but you're supposed to help yourself become an independent learner.

Make yourself a cup of coffee and watch the video lesson that I have for you.

Ask yourself: What if it was me? Would I learn faster if I received such feedback? Would it make any difference?

The video will be available for non-members for three days
Watch now
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