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Feb 28, 2023 || 20:00 MSK

Hey Daring Learners,

Today the meeting will take place!

Join us at 20:00 MSK. It’s FREE. Here is your Zoom link

There is no right way to sell yourself or pitch your idea in English. However, there are many wrong ways to introduce yourself to new audiences, new colleagues at work, or new friends.

What can go wrong?

  • You don’t know what to say because you you’re looking for a template that could help you make an impression of someone confident and fun. PROBLEM: You haven’t seen enough of good examples, and that’s why you haven’t really practiced your self-presentation out loud in English

  • You know what to say but others don’t feel it the same way you do: they don’t laugh at your jokes, don’t see your expertise, and don’t invite you to the next job interview. PROBLEM: no one has given you honest feedback on your delivery

  • You start talking only to hear yourself say the things that you never wanted to say. You say too much, or you share the things that aren’t relevant. You can’t get yourself back on track. You feel embarrassed every time. PROBLEM: You don’t know what you want people to see, value, and want you for, and consequently, you don’t know how to find the right English words for what you haven’t discovered yet.

Does any of the three sound like you?

Join the practice tonight to experience the transformative power of honest feedback and self-correction.

You absolutely need feedback from other people (not only your teacher, but other people who practice the same skill). You need to know if you’re making sense, if people can relate to your stories, if you’re talking too much or saying too little. You can practice alone as much as you want, but the transformation will happen only when you start seeing what other people already see and make a conscious choice to change it.

You can absolutely change the length of your story, the story itself, the intonations, the summary, the beginning, the tone of voice, etc.

And I will be there to help you get UNstuck from whatever situation you’re in with your self-presentation skills in English.

The replay will be available. However, the best you can do to learn is to show up and practice in real time with real people.

Please come UNprepared.

You have no idea who will join or how many people will come, which means you can’t plan your self-presentation for a specific audience, and that’s what’s FUN about it!
We’re going to learn to be ok with being spontaneous.

Here is what we will do tonight:

  • I will show you the structure that I use when I need to introduce myself in meetings
  • YOU will practice talking about yourself and sound NATURAL
  • If you choose to practice, you will receive honest feedback
  • We will fix your speech together in real time
  • If you watch how others can fix their speech, you will be able to fix yours too. I will give you all the tools.

There will be homework.
Everybody will have the opportunity to apply the new structure in practice.

Are you coming?


I'll be there!

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