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Hey Daring Learners,

What if you could have English classes to practice what it takes to achieve native-like fluency in English for only $15?

What if you practiced English weekly in a small group?

What if you could get coached by me every Sunday for only $15 instead of $4500?

Some people see opportunities.
Others see only obstacles.

Let me show you the opportunity!

I launched a new product in May 2023 - Sunday Practice for Daring Learners.

Every Sunday, we practice together in a small group. Participants get real-time feedback on their English skills, and then we do an assignment that I prepare for the week ahead.

You get 4 classes a month.
If you pay $60/mo, each class is only $15.

You will not find the same quality practice sessions for this price anywhere. My goal is not to make this community expensive. My goal is to identify capable learners so I can help them improve their capacity to learn and bring about the change that they want.

People want better social life, better career, better pay, better self-presentation skills in English. But most importantly - better relationships.

No amount of money can buy that.
Only your own effort can create the change.

I'm here to give you the exercises and the feedback that you need to do to bring about the change that you want. I'm doing the same exercises every day myself, and you can watch my process.

I started my path as a "qualified" English teacher who graduated with honors and was supposed to speak perfect English.

In reality, I made A LOT of mistakes.

I didn't understand English movies. I didn't hear native speakers. I couldn't even finish a book in English. It was too hard. My biggest pain what that I couldn't write in English to attract the attention of native speakers. Of course, I could write.... but I sounded like an IELTS student, perfecting her essay, and not like a human who wants to share her passion and business ideas.

I was angry with myself and the entire system of education, which couldn't help me develop flawless English skills.

I ended up developing my own methodology. The exercises that I'm sharing with you are the same exercises that I've been doing over the years to improve my own English skills.

Look at the topics that we covered in May 2023.

You can join these meetings too!
Next Sunday, on June 11, the FOCUS of our practice will be writing a short professional bio in English. You can use it on social media and on LinkedIn
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Today is JUNE 5, 2023. You can join until June 7, 2023

Please apply and make sure to send a video/ audio message (the applications will not be considered without it)

I respond to every applicant with feedback on their English skills and a list of specific exercises in the community that will help them have an easy start.

If you want to do the practice routine "Self-Presentation in English for Work: How to Sell My Ideas and Competences" with me in real time, you need to join this month ????

Remember that you always have the choice:

  • practice on your own
  • join group LIVE sessions
  • take a break
  • come back
  • work with me directly (for the most daring ones who do not shy away from intensive training ????)

It's THE place where daring learners meet to practice together.

P.S. My welcome course "Daring Learner" is a gift for all community members.

I'll see you in the community!


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