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Hey there,

You joined “Native-Like Fluency. The Community of Practice” just recently, and I want to help you navigate the information that you see.

Think of this community as a gym. You don’t spend all day in the gym. Maybe you don’t even go to the gym daily. And when you do go, you probably have a plan.

“It’s going to be a leg day”


“I need my cardio today”


“I’m gonna try a boxing lesson with a coach today”

The community works the same way. It’s a “gym” where you practice advanced English skills and meta skills. You need to know why you go to the “gym”, and how to use the “equipment”.

Here are the links to walk you through the "equipment" that you will need in the first week:
1. The Community has rules, and you will understand them better after taking my welcome video course “Daring Learner”. I recommend that you open it first.
(I’ll send you the rules in the next email)

You don’t have to watch all 7 lessons in one sitting. Watch one lesson and go try the things that you’ve just learned. Then watch the next lesson.

The course is yours forever. I designed it to help you remember the fundamental elements of conscious practice. You can go back to the lessons as many times as you need to.

2. Join the next Sunday Practice and work on your English skills in real-time, with real human feedback. Choose the date and RSVP here

3. Now, the most important space is Creative Exercises.
This is where you shop for the best ingredients for your practice routine. This is "THE gym equipment" that we use on most days.

"How to pick the right exercise? I see over a hundred of them!"

Every exercise has the word "FOCUS" in the title. If your FOCUS is "listening skills", choose the exercise with the word "listening" in the title.

The creative exercises cover all 9 essential skills:

- Attentiveness

- Listening and short-term memory

- Rhythm

- Articles

- Enunciation

- Writing

- Questioning your own ideas

- Clarity

- Brevity

I suggest you try these three approaches and see what works best for you:

  • Look at the page Creative Exercises and choose intuitively. Click on what you like. ALL the exercises here will help you develop native-like fluency. No exceptions!

  • Do a Real-Time Video lesson with me if you prefer to follow along. Choose the exercise based on the skill you want to practice. You'll see the key words in the title.
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Sunday Practice
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Creative Exercises.
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