Fixing old, stubborn, and often unnoticed speaking patterns

The FOCUS of the practice in July 2023 | For community members only

Hey Daring Learners,

On July 5, we will be welcoming new members to the Community of Practice!

Go ahead and apply here!

Our focus for July is on correcting old, stubborn, and often unnoticed speaking patterns.

Specifically, we will address:

  • The shape of your vowels.
Maybe you can't show a clear difference between sleep and slip, beat and bit. If you pronounce "both" as "bɔth", we will do specific exercises to help you correct these patterns.

NB! Poor pronunciation is not the same as accent.

If you say "spik" when you mean "speak", it's not "a unique accent". It's incorrect pronunciation, which creates confusion in communication, whereas your accent often doesn't.

  • THAT vs. IT vs. THIS (even advanced students make these mistakes)
When you SEE your mistakes and patterns, it's easier to fix them and create wanted results than when you are not even aware of your patterns.
Watch me make this mistake
Watch a fragment with the explanation

  • Sentence Stress

I have prepared a new practice routine for you, consisting of ten video lessons, each lasting 12-15 minutes. I will show you how to stress words correctly and achieve the desired result.

How to check if you stress English sentences correctly?

  1. You can use this software. Watch the demonstration
  2. You can ask for feedback. If people tell you that your flow needs improvement or that listening to you for an extended period is challenging, then focusing on sentence stress is essential.
How exactly are we going to fix all this?

  • You will receive a concrete practice routine to master sentence stress, which includes 15-minute daily video lessons and honest, high-quality feedback.

  • You will have the opportunity to watch the replay of THE Method. On July 16, 2023, we will apply it to correct your mistakes and unconscious speaking patterns in real time.

  • You will receive a list of specific exercises to improve your understanding of Sentence Stress.

  • You will get a 50% discount on the updated SPRINT! Thought Chunking & Pausing that will help you learn the fundamentals of the English rhythm
What does feedback in the community
look like?
You can be receiving the same feedback. Imagine the benefits of working with a personal coach at a fraction of the cost you would typically pay for 1:1 lessons.
Watch on Youtube

Join the community today to do these practice routines with us because...

let's be honest,

You won't do these exercises on your own.

I wouldn't practice alone either...

Even if you have strong will power, it's not enough. This method requires time, guidance, and feedback from the right people.

You can get these ingredients in the community of practice.

Doors open on July 5, 2023.

Late applications will be accepted until July 7, 2023

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