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FOUR English coaches are better than ONE.

A professional accent coach who coaches actors in LA is better than your English teacher...

...even if your English teacher is really nice, and you've known each other for years....

A native-speaking coach who has released 250+ grammar lessons on Youtube and has explained grammar to students from 20+ countries is better than your English teacher...

...who explains grammar to you in your first language.

A writing coach who has edited 40+ books by English and American authors is better than your English teacher...

...who has no experience editing sales copy or personal stories in English.

Imagine practicing your English with YouTube stars, business owners, and Hollywood accent coaches who give you personal feedback. . .

You would quickly 10x your English skills!

You don't need to imagine it, because it's already on my website.

  • I put together a totally NEW program

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  • I made it possible to learn from MANY English coaches at the same time

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Every coach will work in accordance with my methodology
This means that each of them will help you see what you don't see about your English skills and help you correct your unconscious speaking patterns fast.

By the end of the program you will sound more powerful and convincing in English.

It's impossible not to if you follow the program!

The FOCUS of this program is "How to sell and influence others in English." You will be practicing in a small group with business owners and senior leaders from seven countries.

The price goes up tomorrow, on Nov 30!
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If you apply before 21:00 (GMT +3) on Nov 30, 2023, I will keep the early bird price for you.

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This is not another online course.
This is a rare opportunity to finally raise the bar.

It's time to stop playing small.

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