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Hello Daring Learners,

Question #1 has been already published.

I decided to resist the urge to start our practice with the standard, yet most challenging question,"Tell me about yourself."

Instead, we'll start simple, so you have enough time to get ready for the question "Tell me about yourself"
Today's questions are about motivation when working from home
  • What Is Your Approach to Maintaining Effective Communication and Collaboration With a Distributed Team?

  • How Do You Manage Your Time and Stay Organized?

  • How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated and Engaged When Working From Home?

In the Community, you will find:

  • example answers (text and video)
  • the video form to submit your answer
  • individual feedback on your answers (written and spoken)
  • support from other people who practice the same

One of our members is HR Director in an American Software company based in Barcelona. She will help me with giving professional feedback on your answers.

I look forward to helping you with your answers!

The Job Interview Practice
June 11-25, 2023
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