Happy 2023, Daring Learners!
Let's start it off by talking to each other!

It's time for last-minute gifts!

  1. Unwrap a gift from me (see the video below)
  2. Give someone a meaningful gift!
Let me give you instant feedback on your spontaneous speaking skills.
It's going to be highly personal and highly accurate. If you don't know how to start a meaningful practice routine in 2023, start here. Let me do my magic. Experience the power of caring, human feedback. Start this year with the exercise on self-awareness about your English skills.

This video is THE exercise! Do it! It's FREE - only until Jan 5, 2023.

I will give you feedback and suggest a practice routine
for YOU personally
Start the exercise
Someone is starting a whole new life from scratch far away from home where they need impeccable English skills.
Choose a meaningful gift for them❤️
Choose a gift card
Check out the new exercises in the community of practice
Exercise #105.
Focus: the structure of your presentations in English. Comes with feedback
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Exercise # 104
Focus: the rhythm of English. Comes with feedback
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Real-time video lesson.
22 min
Focus: melody, thought chunking, and pausing
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