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Hey Daring Learners,

We started a new cohort of the Native-Like Fluency program last night, and the first session was full of insights!

We are a team of global professionals from London, Berkhamsted (UK), San Fransisco, Dubai, Kazan, Minsk, and Moscow.

Everyone is committed to improving their speaking skills, learning to sell and present their ideas in English with clarity, making an impact with their communication skills, and unlearning old habits and behaviors that are holding them back.

People don't need better language skills per se.
People want to use English to build better relationships.

The question that we raised in the first session was "What do you give in a relationship?" I'm inviting you to think about your answer to this question too.

Below is a short video with my thoughts on the subject. You will find more videos in the community of practice.

Feel free to post a comment and share your thoughts with other community members!
Are you aware of the things you give your audience as a speaker?
You can consciously give more of what you're good at giving,
and you can stop trying to give what certain people are not able to receive.
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If you don't really understand what the native-like fluency program is about, read what the people who have completed the program say about it:
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Start date: August 6, 2023

I will teach you everything I know.
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