Two weeks of
Job Interview Practice
June 11 - 25, 2023

Hello Daring Learners,

Starting from June 11, we're starting a new practice routine - Job Interview Practice.

A lot of community members shared with me that they need to improve their self-presentation skills in English.

Our schedule:

June 11, 2023 - Sunday Practice. The FOCUS of the meeting: writing a professional bio for your LinkedIn page and other social media.

Here are five typical mistakes that people make:

  1. Mistake 1. You bio is all about how awesome you are
  2. Mistake 2. You bio is wayyyyy too long
  3. Mistake 3. Your bio is taking people AWAY from your profile
  4. Mistake 4. You bio is super wordy
  5. Mistake 5. Your bio is unclear

You're going to write a clear bio, similar to these:

June 12, 2023 - Two weeks of deliberate practice. One Job Interview question a day. You practice answering them in writing (you can also record voice and video messages) and receive individual feedback.

Here are the questions that we will cover:

  • Tell me about yourself

  • Do you have experience working in a hybrid/remote environment? How do you structure a typical workday?

  • Why did you leave your previous role?
Why should we hire you?

  • How do you coordinate tasks with your co-workers to ensure efficiency?

  • How do you react when you fall behind schedule or miss a deadline?

  • How do you like to be recognized for a job well done?

  • What apps or services do you use to manage your workload and organize your deliverables?

  • How do you maintain healthy boundaries between your personal and professional responsibilities?

  • Talk about a time when you faced an ethical dilemma at work. What was your concern, and what did you do?

  • When it comes to your career, what are you most passionate about?

  • What is your philosophy towards work?

The list of questions may change if community members decide that other answers are more important to practice.

Possible answer to
“Why should we hire you?”

I know it’s been an exciting time for XYZ Tech—growing so much and acquiring several startups—but I also know from experience that it can be challenging for the sales team to understand how new products fit in with the existing ones. It’s always easier to sell the product you know, so the newer stuff can get shortchanged, which can have company-wide ramifications. I have over a decade of experience as a sales trainer, but more importantly, most of those years were working with sales teams that were in the exact same boat XYZ Tech is in now. Growth is wonderful, but only if the rest of the company can keep up. I’m confident I can make sure your sales team is confident and enthusiastic about selling new products by implementing an ongoing sales training curriculum that emphasizes where they sit in a product lineup.”
You will not only have your answers written down, you'll also practice delivering them out loud!
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