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Hello Daring Learners,

A lot of new community members shared their stories in the past few days.

They recently moved to the UK, US, Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland, or Singapore, and they all are working hard on their English skills to remain competitive.

Here is what Marina shared:

"After relocating to the UK, I realized how limited my English is. I really lack fluent sharing. I lack opportunities to express myself, to say clearly what I want, to have difficult conversations at work. These are my main goals. I'm in the client-facing role here in the UK, and the job itself is quite stressful. So, being under stress, I really lose the ability to speak clearly and these difficult conversations happen on a daily basis, unfortunately.

I mostly work remotely, which means that I meet my clients mostly in Google Teams or Zoom, and it doesn't help with mutual understanding. Basically, I've realized that I reached a certain level that allows me to perform my job duties, but it really limits me in terms of career progression. Being among native speakers, I really feel much less confident than I used to feel even when I was in Eastern Europe, because I have the experience of studying in Austria, where I was surrounded by people from Germany, from Austria, from Italy, but not native speakers."
Here is what Irina shared:

"I live in Poland, and I would like to improve English, even though I'm using English at work. I also have a boyfriend, who is a native speaker. I feel like I need to improve my vocabulary and I'm looking for opportunities. It's very interesting for me to see how I can improve my bio in LinkedIn, my CV, and also maybe build some answers for the possible interview questions. These are my priorities: improve vocabulary and pronunciation and get ready for a job interview.
Here is what Anna shared:

"I want to speak more clearly, be more confident and understood by others, and also find inspiration and motivation in being among people with the same interests. I really want to fix my old stubborn grammar mistakes, such as the use of articles and the verb "to be" because I'm so tired of making them. I also want to sound more natural and clear in spontaneous conversations, to be concise and explain my thoughts in very short sentences. I want to understand speech with different accents because I work with non-native speakers now, and I am not happy with my pronunciation and rhythm."
Here is what Christina shared:

"I haven't spoken English for two or three years. I live in Germany and I'm struggling with my German too.
I want to go to apply for a new job his fall, and I understand that I need to brush up my English skills. I passed an English test recently, and it shows that I have upper-intermediate or almost C1 level, but I don't feel hat I have this level of English. I don't have this fluency. I want to present myself, answer questions and participate in discussions without awkward pauses when I do not know what to say or how to say it in a better way."
Here is what Asiya shared:

"I'm applying to English jobs in medical technology, in digital health and I want to be relevant for job in English speaking market."
I would love for you to meet these and other amazing individuals and connect with them in the community of practice.

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Starting from June 11, we will be practicing Self-Presentation skills for your Job Interviews in English.

There is a LOT of free content out there, and you can absolutely find the answer to every job interview question online.

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When people start applying the advice they find on the internet, they often get stuck.

The community offers the feedback you need to get UNstuck and inspire you to keep practicing.

We will not let you give up.
BTW, the most common feedback I hear from students is that I don't let them give up ????

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