to join the American Pronunciation Training and get personal coaching from an accent professional.

Hey Daring Learners,

I'm here to remind you of the power you have. As you get more advanced, you'll feel less and less motivated to change your patterns and upgrade your skills because you kind of know enough...

Let's be honest. You're doing fine.

No one at work is asking you to speak better or improve your English.

Yet, every single person I speak with says that their INABILITY to express themselves fully in English hurts so much. The fullness of them is not invited to regular conversations with native speakers because they haven't figured out a way to express it.

If you made the decision (like myself) to build a career, raise a child, or build and nurture your relationships in English, then you know that "English" is your lifelong practice.

No online course in the world will ever be enough.

You also know that nothing will change unless you decide to change it. These are the rules of high-performance culture.

Your accent and pronunciation will not change if you don't work on them. I'm living proof that one can feel stagnant for years and then change the way they sound in a matter of months.

After graduation, my pronunciation stayed the same for about 10 years... until I decided to take my practice seriously and look for incorrect patterns in my own recordings.

I genuinely didn't know what I was doing wrong. It was even more annoying to receive the same feedback over and over: "Your English is good! I can understand you"

"Good" was not enough for me to sell my ideas, create content for native speakers, hire people, and connect with strong professionals.

As I looked for ways to improve the way I sound in English,
I tried many approaches, coaches, and phonetics courses.

The FASTEST method to improve your pronunciation is to get feedback from a human and self-correct the unconscious patterns that you don't see. Without feedback from a human who can see what you can't, it simply doesn't work. Period.

Trust me, this is hard work, and that's why doing this alone feels so impossible that people quit as early as they begin.

Changing the way your mouth moves means changing 20-30-40 years of established neural pathways and very strong habits.

Yet, it is possible, and improvement doesn't take forever.

I know this because I am happy with my own results and the results of the first American Accent group in my community.

This email is a reminder that you can join an exclusive and rare opportunity to work with a professional accent coach for literally half the price.

Individual coaching is way more expensive. You can get the same results in a small group at a more affordable rate.

This is the last call to join the new American Pronunciation group and take the reins of your learning. I'm still reviewing the applications, that's why the deadline has been extended to June 2, 2024.

Take your power back.


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