How to prepare for the
Sunday Practice
On June 11, we're going to write a professional bio
for your LinkedIn page

Hello Daring Learners,

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So, how to prepare?

This time you actually need to invest time in preparation because it's YOUR professional bio.

Please write a short introduction and post it in Say Hello with the hashtag #self-presentation.

I will go over your texts tomorrow to give some some immediate feedback, and I will use them as examples that we will improve on our Sunday call at 11:00 UTC +3.

If you don't post your introduction, I will not be able to help you improve it on Sunday. However, if you do the task later, I will always give you feedback.

Now, what to write in your introduction?
Write what you consider to be relevant for your potential employer and your LInkedIn audience.

Your introduction must be:
  • short
  • clear
  • show your primary expertise
  • mention your industry and your current or desired role
  • show a bit of your personality (this is achieved through style and wording)

Your introduction must NOT be:
  • perfect
Don't try to write a perfect text before Sunday. Just write something. Writing the first draft is already a good enough exercise for you to start thinking about how people see you.

I look forward to reading your texts and getting to know you better!


P.S. If you can't attend on Sunday, the replay will be instantly available. If you do the task, you will always receive feedback.

The Job Interview Practice
June 11-25, 2023
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