The difference between wasting time on Netflix and
improving your English with Netflix
When too much practice is dangerous. Part 2

Hey Daring Learners,

In PART #1 of this email series I showed you that simply spending more time on vocabulary exercises doesn't work as an effective strategy.

In fact, you risk wasting your time practicing the wrong way. The longer you practice the wrong way, the better you internalize the incorrect speaking patterns and bad speaking habits.

And I'm sure, that's not what you want...

In the same email, I showed you how to spend less time on a vocabulary exercise, and gain more from it.

Today, I will show you how to do the same with video content.
You can spend less time practicing with videos and significantly improve your listening skills
Here is how: stop practicing the wrong way.

What's the wrong way of practicing English?

  1. watching a lot of Netflix in English and hoping for the best
  2. watching English movies hoping that the more you watch, the better you understand
  3. watching English movies without subtitles because:
  • subtitles distract you
  • you think it's wrong to use them
  • you hope to understand everything without them
The wrong practice is rooted in "hope", "guessing games", and "assumptions".

The right practice relies on exact measurements and metrics that help you see your progress

I created a telegram channel with FREE exercises for EVERYONE who wants to learn to hear and understand fast English speech better.

I will show you how to do the Synchronization Exercise correctly. It's the most effective exercise to learn to hear 100% of what native speakers say in movies and in real life, even when they speak fast or with an unusual accent.

It's the RIGHT way to practice:

  1. Every exercise is a follow-along practice. Press PLAY and do it with me
  2. Every exercise is only 6-10 min long
  3. Every exercise is based on a movie. It's fun, intriguing, and memorable!
  4. Every exercise will take you to a measurable result: you will hear 100% of the words by the end of each video.
  5. Every exercise is designed in accordance with the methodology that will allow you to internalize correct vocabulary faster and help you manage your attention.

I would love for you to try it and enjoy the results!

I'm tired of seeing YouTube videos, social media posts and online courses that simply steal people's time. I don't sell online courses any more, because they don't work.

The only thing that works in learning a skill is continual deliberate practice.

With this new telegram channel, you can practice regularly and 10x your results.

I promise to ship new videos for you weekly.

The first two exercises are already waiting for you.

"THE exercises" telegram channel

Please, share this channel with your friends and children. The content is suitable for teenagers and adults.

Every single recommendation will help!

see you soon,


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