You know what to do.
It's hard to ignore the things you know very well

Hey Daring Learners,

I hope you dare to read this...

There are plenty of things you already know.

  • When the work feels like punishment.
  • When you buy online courses and never open them
  • When you’re faking your confidence.
  • When life has gotten stale.
  • When you keep making the same mistakes for years, even though you know how to fix them
  • When it’s harder than it should be.
  • When you’re procrastinating the inevitable.
  • When you’re making excuses for the obvious.
  • When you need something new.
  • When it all feels impossible.
  • When your spirit is numb.
  • When you feel out of control.
  • When you aren’t sure what you’re doing.
  • When nobody else gets it.
  • When they don’t notice you.
  • When you question everything.
  • When you wonder who you are.
  • When you ask yourself again.
  • When things have gotten complicated.
  • When you can’t remember the last time you loved your life.

…Change is the only remedy.

It’s easy to fall in love with an idea, but hate the way it feels when you do it.

It’s easy to keep going regardless, but be ashamed of yourself the whole time.

When it comes to your life and your work and your happiness and your heart? The only way forward is by telling yourself the truth.

Do you really want to do this for the rest of your life?

Do you really want to feel stuck at the same level, knowing what you should be doing and NOT doing it?

Or, are you selling yourself short?

And, what do you need to do for you, instead?

The Native-Like Fluency program will help you get ahead in your career, connect with those higher status people, sell to decision makers in English, and build the confidence to relocate, get promoted, and say YES to better opportunities and making more $$$$$$.

I will help you establish a meaningful daily practice, because only daily practice is capable of creating a lasting change.

Together, we will transform the way you sound in English, and you will see what it's like to be seen, valued, and appreciated for your personality and unique competences.

Instead of hiding behind a "simplified version of you," use the next 6 months to practice expressing YOU in English.

You must stop hiding to be seen.
Stop pretending not to know what you know very well....

Don’t miss this program —it’s the one that could change your life and your career.

But, then again?
You already know that, too.

You already know that you need daily practice, and not a quick intensive course to change what people see in you when you communicate in English.

Along with whatever else you know you need to do for you, too.

P.S. Application deadline has been extended to August 11!

P.P.S. This email was inspired by the work of awesome Ash Ambirge, and I dared to use what she teaches about writing.

The Native-Like Fluency program

August 6, 2023 - January 6, 2024
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